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A game in the X Series.

X3: Reunion, or X3R, was released in 2005 and used a different engine to X2. Version 1.0 had some serious game bugs and required patching, which caused many critics to rib it for being released prematurely. Many players complained that it lacked immersion, and with a new menu system even seasoned X2 players found themselves climbing a steep and difficult learning curve. Ultimately, however, the game was a success, with plots being added right up to the release of the sequel.

The plot dealt with the continuation of the Kha'ak War, and the events leading up to the reunion of Earth with the gate network.

Scripting and modding the game really took off with Reunion, ending with the release of a community game mod and continuing the trend into the next game.

It was succeeded by X3: Terran Conflict, the game that the other articles in this Wiki concern.


A number of changes appeared in X3. The new game features were organised into a new listed menu system, which took a long time to learn. Players were saddened by the loss of cockpit models for ships, which combined with the new station designs with external docking and hence the complete elimination of internal station cut-scenes, was criticised for losing the immersion. Ship movement was redesigned, giving ships some inertia and making them more difficult to control.

However, the new graphics were utterly stunning, not just to X-players but to the entire industry, and won high acclaim.


Yet more sectors were added, bringing the total to 158. Some of these only became available in later stages of the plot in later patches. Many maps exist, and can be found on the guides sticky in the Egosoft forums.


Although all ship models were redesigned again, making them more race-unique than in X2, there were no new ships added excepting a single plot reward ship in the M7 class, which set the scene for new classes in Terran Conflict.


The basic economy was the same as previous games, however the change in station design and the addition of different station classes altered the actual dynamics of the economy considerably. More NPC traders meant that the economy was given a big accelerating factor. Balancing loops of factories was now more tricky, as the station processing rates had to be matched. Stations could now be complexed together, vastly reducing the number of freighters required to run a production loop and reinventing factory management strategy.


X3 began to really expand on the available weapons, with more guns and missiles becoming available. However, variants of guns began to die a death. Gamma variants of the three older weapons were eliminated. New weapons included flak weapons for Capital-class ships, amongst others; the PBE, CIG and Tractor Beam all made their appearance in this game. There are also many, many more missiles, and the functions of many of the older and much-loved missiles are changed.


The plot involves the Sohnen, and revolves around the player (Julian Brennan, the son of Kyle Brennan), during an increase in Kha'ak activity. After the Paranid close their borders, the player begins to investigate Nividium, with the help of Terracorp and his friends the Argon Military.

Ultimately, the player uncovers the link between the Kha'ak and Nividium, re-unites with his father, who wakes up after being in a coma for approximately twenty years, and through his newly found Pirate friends (Don Marioni), manages to prevent the Sohnen's Jump Gate from completely destroying Earth. Instead, Earth and the Commonwealth are once again joined via the Jump Gate Network, although tensions are high right from the start.


The game received at least one "official" expansion - the "Bala Gi" Missions, allowing the player to Construct their own personal Player Headquarters, as well as giving the player the first M8 - The Hyperion.

XTM Mod[edit]

The XTM, or X-Tended Mod, is a gameplay modification for Reunion that was built by community modders and adds many scripts and functions to the game. It also adds many more sectors. Many of the additions were re-used by Egosoft when they created X3: Terran Conflict; including new Shipyard designs, and many of the additional ships added, especially the OTAS.