Xenon Hold Position

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General difficulty: Moderate to Hard (depends on combat rank)

Mission offered in sectors bordering Xenon Sectors, most notably Grand Exchange, Eighteen Billion, Scale Plate Green and Black Hole Sun. Defend specified station from Xenon ships. Good mission if you want to increase your rep without damaging any rep with another race or Pirate faction.

NOTE: For the "Hold Position" variant of this mission ensure that the sector is clear of regular Xenon patrols (non mission related) as killing members of the regular patrols counts against the mission ship count (even the patrol target is a lower class than the spawned ships). - by Roger L.S. Griffiths

Warning: Because any ship in the mission sector at the time is marked as part of the mission, if any of these leave the sector you will still have to kill them. However, YOU may not leave the sector or the mission fails, so wait for someone else to kill the escaped Xenon or do it Out-of-Sector. Xenon Ns are most likely to leave the sector you're defending thanks to their high speed. Deal with them first. - by EmperorJon

  • Taking these in conjunction with Xenon Patrol will earn you extra cash. This is because Xenon invasion missions earn much more cash comparatively than patrol missions. Taking both together means the ships from one mission are also rewarded by the other, so you get Hold Position money for the patrol kills. (As well as patrol money for the Hold Position mission ships, but this isn't much.) - by EmperorJon

What you will need:

  • M3+/M3/M4 - early on, with lower combat ranking.
  • M6/M7 - later on with higher combat rank.
  • M1/M2 - with very high combat ranking. - by EmperorJon

What you will find:

  • M3/M4/M5 - lower combat rank.
  • M3+/M6/M7 - higher combat rank.
  • M1/M2 - many of these will spawn at high-extreme combat rankings. - by EmperorJon

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