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Despite the name, police licenses are actually closer to letters of marque. Issued by the major governments of the Commonwealth, they grant the player the right to legally scan cargo, and issue a fixed bonus for kills scored against enemies of that government within their territory.

For unknown reasons, the Terrans do not offer a similar license.

A government with whom the player is licensed shows up in the "My Pilot Status" dialog with an [L] after the player's notoriety listing with said government. To obtain the license however, the play first needs to reach rank 5 in that race's notoriety ranking.

Police licenses are lost for taking hostile action against ships of that race inside their owned sectors. Lost licenses can simply be re-bought without penalty.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

After buying this license pilots are accepted as police force by all space stations and factories in the <issuing government> territory. They are automatically paid for every elimination of outlawed ships.


All the Commonwealth governments offer a police license. Each offers bonuses for kills scored against the Kha'ak, Pirates, Xenon, and Yaki. Issuing a police license costs a fee averaging 7,580 credits.

Argon Law Enforcement License[edit]

The Argon Law Enforcement License is issued by the Argon Federation. It is available at:

Boron Law Enforcement License[edit]

The Boron Law Enforcement License is issued by the Kingdom of Boron. It is available at:

Paranid Police License[edit]

The Paranid Police License is issued by the Paranid Empire. It is available at:

Split Police License[edit]

The Split Police License is issued by the Split Patriarchy. It is available at:

Teladi Company Security License[edit]

The Teladi Company Security License is issued by the Teladi Company. It is available at:

[Table] Kill Bonuses by Ship Class[edit]

The payout for each kill varies according to the kill's ship class.

Payouts by Ship Class
Kill Class Payout
M1 Carrier 10,000 Cr
M2 Destroyer 10,000 Cr
M3 Fighter,
M3+ Heavy Fighter
5,000 Cr
M4 Interceptor,
M4+ Heavy Interceptor
1,000 Cr
M5 Scout 500 Cr
M6 Corvette,
M6+ Heavy Corvette
M7 Frigate,
M7M Missile Frigate
10,000 Cr
M8 Bomber
TL Large Transport
TM Military Transport
TP Personnel Transport 500 Cr
TS Transport 500 Cr