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Note: work in progress


Race Ammunition Factory Energy Bolt Chaingun Ammunition Forge Matter/Anti-matter Warhead Forge
Argon 2,830,680 x x
Boron x x x
Paranid x x x
Split 2,830,680 x x
Teladi x 3,538,352 x
Terran x x 3,129,332

Mines (Ore and Silicon)[edit]

Race Ore Mine L Silicon Mine L
Argon 905,688 1,139,416
Boron 1,139,416 1,402,356
Paranid 993,336 1,227,060
Split 818,040 1,022,552
Teladi 849,984 905,688
Terran x x

Missiles (Fighters)[edit]

Race Silkworm Missile Factory Tempest Missile Factory Wasp Missile Factory
Argon 2,876,128 x 1,525,712
Boron x 7,706,464 x
Paranid x x 1,447,804
Split 3,012,468 x 1,675,036
Teladi 2,739,788 x x
Terran x x x


Satellites and Drones[edit]

Race Satellite Factory Advanced Satellite Factory Drone Factory Advanced Drone Factory
Argon 746,624 3,233,208 2,898,204 2,898,204
Boron 876,472 x x x
Paranid 2,616,432 x x
Split 967,364 3,389,028 3,035,320 3,035,320
Teladi 831,024 x 2,617,732 x
Terran x x x

Weapons (Deployable Mines and Lasertowers)[edit]


Race Cluster Flak Array Forge Flak Artillery Array Forge
Argon 2,830,680 x
Boron x x
Paranid x x
Split 2,830,680 x
Teladi x 11,390,248
Terran x x

Factories by Race
Name Argon Boron Paranid Split Teladi Terran Cheapest Exclusive
12,039,488 x x x x x Argon Yes
Concussion Impulse Generator Forge 9,572,120 x 9,380,204 x 8,997,476 x Teladi No
Dumbfire Missile Production Complex
Electro-Magnetic Plasma Cannon Forge
Energy Bolt Chaingun Forge
Firefly Missile Factory
Firestorm Torpedo Factory
Flail Missile Production Facility
Fragmentation Bomb Launcher Forge
Gauss Cannon Ammunition Forge
Gauss Cannon Forge
Hammer Torpedo Fabrication Facility
Heavy Shield Production Complex
Heavy Weapons Complex
High Energy Plasma Thrower Forge
High Yield Production Complex
Image Recognition Production Complex
Impulse Ray Emitter Forge
Incendiary Bomb Launcher Forge
Ion Cannon Forge
Ion Disruptor Forge
Ion Mine Fab
Ion Pulse Generator Forge
Ion Shard Railgun Forge
Lasertower Factory
Light Shield Production Complex
Light Weapons Complex
Marine Training Barracks
Mass Driver Forge
Matter/Anti-matter Launcher Forge
Medium Shield Production Complex
Medium Weapons Complex
Mosquito Missile Factory
Particle Accelerator Cannon Forge
Phased Repeater Gun Forge
Phased Shockwave Generator Forge
Photon Pulse Cannon Forge
Plasma Burst Generator Forge
Point Singularity Projector Forge
Pulsed Beam Emitter Forge
Seeker Missile Production Complex
Shield Prod. Facility 1MJ
Shield Prod. Facility 5MJ
Shield Prod. Facility 25MJ
Shield Prod. Facility 200MJ
Shield Prod. Facility 1GJ
Shield Prod. Facility 2GJ
Special Weapons Production Complex
SQUASH Mine Factory
Starburst Shockwave Cannon Forge
Swarm Missile Production Complex
Tomahawk Missile Manufacturing Plant
Tracker Mine Factory