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Jumpdrives are devices which permit a ship to jump to a known target, usually a jumpgate.

Their use consumes Energy Cells, and uses more for every sector crossed.

Discovery of the Kha'ak Sectors has permitted jumping to those ungated sectors, which cost a specific amount of Energy Cells dependent on the class of ship jumping.

It should be noted that it is not possible to jump to Terran sectors with no jumpgate, as the Trans-Orbital Accelerator cannot be locked onto by a ship's jumpdrive as a jumpgate can.

Available at Known Docks[edit]

Unfocused Jumpdrive[edit]

Also known as UFJD:

A device or software that extends the jumpdrive and permits jumping without a target. Provided by the Goners as a reward for activities on their behalf, the UFJD jumps to a random sector. Like jumps to the Kha'ak sectors, these jumps cost a specific amount of Energy Cells determined by the class of ship jumping.

Equipment Damage[edit]

It is possible with every use (FROM known space) of the UFJD that it will damage ship equipment, such as scanners.


Jumpdrives are extremely useful. A ship with a jumpdrive installed and an adequate supply of energy cells on hand can travel almost instantly to almost anywhere. In addition, jumpdrives have a few less conventional uses.

The jumpdrive can be used to escape from danger, not just for your ship but also for any ship you own. When boarding or claiming a ship during an ongoing battle, you could transport your jumpdrive and some energy cells to the captured ship and order it to jump to a safer sector. That way, your new prize won't get immediately blown up.

The jumpdrive can be used to jump to another location in the same sector. This can be helpful if a mission objective is on the other side of the sector you're in, but close to one of the gates. Jump to that gate, then approach the objective.

You can jump to any gate you have discovered, even if you have not visited the sector on the other side. If you later decide to visit that sector, jump to the gate, then immediately turn around and fly back through it.

Ordinarily, you can only jump to a gate that you have already discovered. However, if a mission objective requires you to fly through a gate you haven't discovered, then mission guidance will highlight the gate. This won't allow you to jump to the gate, but it will let you target the gate. Do so, and then you will be able to jump to it. Do this repeatedly, and you can rapidly cross even unexplored sectors on your way to your objective.

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