Pulsed Beam Emitter

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Pulsed Beam Emitter
Hull Damage (dps)673
Shield Damage (dps)18,100 kJ
Range0.977 km
Rate of Fire1,153 shots/minute
Projectile Speed6,980 m/s
Max Weapon Energy1,000 MJ
Energy Cost/Second269 MJ/sec
Ware Pulsed Beam Emitter
Cargo ClassM
Min. Price (Cr)214,405
Ave. Price (Cr)249,308
Max. Price (Cr)284,211


The Pulsed Beam Emitter or PBE is a weapon found on many classes of ship from fighters through frigates, and deals extraordinary shield damage but almost no hull damage. Not to be confused with the PBG.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

This laser is used in larger weapon systems and by many small to medium fighters. The Pulsed Beam Emitter is a high-tech weapon that uses directed beams of rapidly fired enhanced energy to produce a weapon of devastating firepower.


No fighter weapon deals as much damage to shields as the Pulsed Beam Emitter, or PBE, but equally there are few weapons that deal less damage to the hull of a target, and the weapon uses so much energy that many ships equipped with a full weapons array cannot sustain fire for more than about 3 seconds. It also has bad range, at just under 1km. It is very accurate, though, due to the extreme speed of its shots. Operating it is all about lining up shots; it will hit what you're aiming at if you are within range, and the high energy consumption means you should make sure it counts.

That said, with this weapon, 3 seconds is more than enough to strip away the shields of a heavy fighter. Because it deals low hull damage, but has high morale-damaging factor, the PBE is commonly used to persuade fighter pilots to bail allowing their ships to be captured without dealing too much punishment to the hull.

In the Commonwealth it can be found in Paranid and Split space at weapons factories, equipment docks, or military outposts.

Xenon ships are often equipped with this weapon, and it is a pain in the posterior for any player attempting to fight Xenon fighter swarms. The PBE's high shield damage means hull damage is likely, and when combined with the PACs used by the Xenon M5, the N, can result in a very quick kill. Very accurate and fast firing, there are few weapons which destroy light fighters as quickly and efficiently as this. However, its accuracy is highly dependent on the framerate at the time of firing: a missed frame can mean the fast shots cannot register a hit on their target.

Compatible Ships[edit]

Available at Known Docks[edit]

Split medium weapon facilities, equipment docks, and military outposts.