Shield Production Facility 1MJ

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  Shield Production Facility 1MJ
Shields9 GJ
Production Time00:26:00
Product 1 MJ Shields (12)
Required Resources
Energy Cells (390)
Ore (65)
Food by race
Optional Resources
Quantum Tubes


1 MJ Shield Production Facilities produce the 1 MJ Shield from Energy Cells, Ore and Food.

NPC stations will buy Quantum Tubes as a secondary resource.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

This production facility manufactures the basic 1 MJ shield used by all smaller fighters. This shield provides simple protection against small particles. Shields are vital for survival in space. They protect the ship from small impacting objects like mini asteroids as well as during fights.

Race-specific attributes[edit]

Race Food Amount Station Cost
Argon Meatsteak Cahoonas 260
Buy:Trusted Ally @1,630,888 Cr
Teladi Nostrop Oil 260
Buy:Majority Shareholder @1,485,460 Cr


These factories are exclusive to the Argon and Teladi.

Argon Teladi