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Following changes to galactic laws which legalized open trading of stocks and shares the Teladi company quickly established a number of these stock exchanges. Anyone with a few credits can now purchase shares in a variety of commodities, companies, and corporations. Even in the short time that these stations have been trading many fortunes have been gained and lost. Each transaction incurs a small transaction fee which the Teladi company claims for services rendered.


Stock Exchanges are a part of X3: Albion Prelude. Each Stock Exchange is located in a major hub, such as Argon Prime or Kingdom End. With a trading extension installed, you can access both the Local Stock Exchange as well as the Coporate / Company Indexes without docking. This is accessed from the Personal window, or while docked, from the Station window.

Each Stock Exchange will also buy goods normally produced by the race that owns it. At regular intervals, the exchange will update prices from top to bottom in a tick.

Local Stock Exchange[edit]

Each Category has column for what is for sold, its supply and demand, the min and max credits they are bought and sold for, an Index, what they are trading at, what you bought it at, how many shares you own, available shares, and your current net profit.

Categories of products:

To gain access to local stock exchanges, you must find them and then meet a requirement for each one:

  • Teladi require the payment of 10,000 credits.
  • The Yaki require 7 Slaves, 14 Space Fuel, or 4 Space Weed.
  • The Split require a minimum fight rank of Enlisted.
  • The Boron require a minimum economic rank of Trader.
  • The Argon/Terrans require 1 space station to be built in their territory.
  • The Paranid require a faction rank of Friend of Priest.

The index is a ratio of the supply divided by the demand. If the supply is low, the ratio is low, so the index is low. The widgets next to the index number are a history of how the index has changed. A green /\ says the index has gone up during the last tick while a red \/ says that the index went down. Red numbers mean it has too much supply and is at the minimum price to trade. Green means it is near the lowest price, while yellow means it is near the maximum price.

Additional Calculations:

  • Index = Supply/Demand *100
  • Stock = 2 Supply (at least whilst Demand is Constant, I haven't seen demand fluctuate yet)
  • Demand's Directly proportional to Max Cr (for Natural Products at least)
  • The Fee on buying stocks is 4% of the amount paid.
  • Therefore: Demand is the best gauge on how profitable a stock will be!

Tips for Local Stock Exchange[edit]

The stock exchange reflects what is made in the area. A Boron area will not likely be using meatsteaks, so there should be no demand. Know your area of space.

Watch fluctuations over time before buying. Some products will go from an index of 130 to 30, which is 70 points of profit. Others may go from 50 to 10 regularly. These will both gain you cash if you buy at their high points and sell at their low points. Doing this will let you know what to invest in.

If try to sell or buy right as a tick comes in and changes the price, you will get the new price that you can't see.

Home and End will help you buy and sell lots of stocks.

This exchange works better for someone who is a day trader, where you buy and sell constantly.

Corporate / Company Index[edit]

There are two categories listed. The Corporation Index and the Company Index. Corporations may require you to meet them first before they show up in the list.

There are two ways to view this index. From a buy perspective or from a sell perspective, which can be chosen under the view options at the top.

These shares are updated in the same manner that the local exchanges are except there is a good chance things will not move at all. If they do move, you will get an update via a bar on the bottom of your screen.

Tips Corporate / Company Index[edit]

You will get updates on your stocks if any change is made.

This is for buying and holding for a long time, do not expect a quick turn around.

Commodities don't require a lot of money to buy all the stocks. Companies and Corporations tend to have a lot more shares. If you have more money, buy shares.

Stock Exchanges[edit]

(list is incomplete)

Argon Stock Exchange

Boron Stock Exchange

Teladi Stock Exchange

Terran Stock Exchange

Split Stock Exchange

Paranid Stock Exchange

Yaki Stock Exchange