Yaki Shipyard

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 Yaki Shipyard
Shields GJ
Buy: @649,240 Cr


The Yaki Shipyard is located in Senator's Badlands.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

This shipyard is the embodiment of the Yaki's growing power and resourcefulness. The ships produced here are of high quality, with capabilities comparable with those of military ships from other races. The Yaki consider this installation to be a key strategic asset, thus it is constantly guarded and occasionally hidden.



The Yaki have yet to expand their shipyard to manufacturing station kits and therefore do not sell them.


Available Ships
Senator's Badlands
Hoshi M1 79,732,059 x
Akuma M2 108,187,931 x
Akurei M7 33,944,077 AP
Senshi M7M 29,969,691 AP
Susanowa M3 2,185,329 x
Tenjin M3+ 6,145,646 x
Raijin M4 1,336,136 x
Tonbo M4+ 2,014,751 x
Fujin M5 211,758 x
Ryu TL 20,442,776 x
Chokaro TM 458,519 x

See Also[edit]

Yaki Navigation
Core Sectors Weaver's Tempest
Border Sectors Ocracoke's Storm | Senator's Badlands
Capital Ships M1: Hoshi, Shuri | M2: Akuma | M2+: None | M7: Akurei | M7C: None | M7M: Senshi
Fighters M3: Susanowa | M3+: Tenjin | M4: Raijin | M4+: Tonbo | M5: Fujin
Escort Ships M6: None | M6+: None | M8: None
Transports TL: Ryu | TM: Chokaro | TP: None | TS: None | TS+: None
Shipyards Yaki Shipyard in Senator's Badlands
Racial Wares None