Ion Pulse Generator

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Ion Pulse Generator
Hull Damage (dps)544
Shield Damage (dps)13,000 kJ
Range3.88 km
Rate of Fire62 shots/minute
Projectile Speed347 m/s
Max Weapon Energy5,000 MJ
Energy Cost/Second475 MJ/sec
Ware Ion Pulse Generator
Cargo ClassM
Min. Price (Cr)444,390
Ave. Price (Cr)483,032
Max. Price (Cr)521,674


The Ion Pulse Generator, or IPG, is a Boron weapon compatible with corvettes and heavier ships.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

A weapon usually found on corvettes or frigate-sized ships.

In addition to being effective against shields, the Ion Pulse Generator's projectiles give a violent ion burst on reach maximum range. This can have an effect on ships engines, often causing a reduction in speed.


An interesting weapon due to its effect, which makes it less useless than the other corvette level weapons: It can briefly reduce the speed of a target ship upon impact, allowing a potentially slower craft to keep up. Add to this the fact that it deals minimal hull damage, and it becomes a useful weapon for capturing fighters and somewhat restricting more mobile opponents. It is, however, made less useful by its high energy drain and low refire rate, meaning every shot counts. A good weapon for OOS patrols (often combined with CIGs to compensate for lower hull DPS), can also be an effective frigate weapon for ships capable of mounting/powering them.

The weapon's high energy drain makes it restrictive to use on ships that have poor weapon recharge rates, and the fighter-grade Ion Disruptor makes a better candidate to be installed in numbers.

Known Compatible Ships[edit]

  • I (M2+, Xenon)
  • K (M2, Xenon)
  • Q (M7, Xenon)

Available at Known Docks[edit]

      Sector                                 Station
       Kingdom End                               Boron Equipment Dock
       Rolk's Fate                               Boron Equipment Dock
                                                 Ion Pulse Generator Forge Alpha