Lasertower Factory

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  Lasertower Factory
Shields9 GJ
Production Time01:34:00
Product Lasertower (1)
Required Resources
Energy Cells (1410)
Ore (235)
Food by Race
Optional Resources
Cloth Rimes


Lasertower Factories produce Lasertowers from Energy Cells, Ore and Food.

NPC stations will buy Cloth Rimes and Warheads as secondary resources.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

This factory produces laser towers, developed to become the ultimate defence for all stations. With a powerful laser that only fits into laser towers these weapons are considered to be substantially advanced in comparison to previous forms of weaponry.

Laser towers have started to appear in all corners of known space as all races see just how useful these defences can be against small groups of raiders. The artificial intelligence on board these towers allow for them to identify when the station it is protecting comes under attack, it can then adjust its friend or foe system accordingly.

Race-specific attributes[edit]

Race Food Amount Station Cost
Argon Meatsteak Cahoonas 1410
Buy:Trusted Ally @1,220,568 Cr
Paranid Soja Husk 188
Buy:Friend of Priest King @1,220,568 Cr
Split Rastar Oil 141
Buy:Distinguished Associate @1,103,708 Cr


Argon Paranid Split