Phased Shockwave Generator

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Phased Shockwave Generator
Hull Damage (dps)134
Shield Damage (dps)2,500 kJ
Range1.44 km
Rate of Fire76 shots/minute
Projectile Speed254 m/s
Max Weapon Energy3,000 MJ
Energy Cost/Second569 MJ/sec
Ware Phased Shockwave Generator
Cargo ClassL
Min. Price (Cr)567,174
Ave. Price (Cr)623,268
Max. Price (Cr)679,362


A lethal area-of-effect weapon used by the capital ships of the Paranid and their allies against all classes of foe. In large numbers it can cause serious damage to other M7, M1 and M2 ships, but is most effective against fighters.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

A deadly weapon found on frigates, destroyers and carriers.

Originally developed by the Teladi and Paranid, the PSG has since been improved by the Paranid to be a powerful capital ship weapon, extremely useful for defending against multiple fighter targets. It works by sending out a compressed package, which reacts and expands, creating shockwaves of phased energy.


The PSG is an extremely potent weapon which acts as a missile screen, destroys fighters and corvettes very quickly and tears through battleships. It has a tremendously huge area of effect and causes damage multiple times over a period, making it very prone to friendly fire, but this also makes it excellent for destroying clusters of enemy ships. You could think of it like a capital ship version of the Plasma Burst Generator. It has good range, and appears as a series of expanding circular waves forming a cone which extends up to 2.5 kilometers into space, all the while doing damage repeatedly to anything caught in them until the waves pass them or fade away. The shockwaves essentially deny a large area of space to the enemy, and is commonly used in hostile space to wreak havoc. It is the most powerful weapon compatible with the Paranid Deimos in its main array, and makes it a lethal craft to fight.

The PSG is also useful for clearing rockfields out of busy shipping lanes.

Known Compatible Ships[edit]

Available at Known Docks[edit]