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There are 19 game starts, some of which have to be unlocked. This requires the player to complete certain plots and/or acquire certain combat, trade or race ranks.


Start Species Location Credits Ship Ship Class Weapons Plot Combat Rank Trade Rank Race Rank
Terran Defender Terran Uranus 1000 Sabre M4 2 EMPC x x x x
USC Commander Terran Uranus 1000 Scimitar M3 6 EMPC Terran plot Specialist x x
Argon Patriot Argon Omicron Lyrae 1928 Elite M4 4 PAC x x x x
Argon Peacekeeper Argon Argon Sector M148 30000 Nova Prototype M3 2 HEPT + 2 PAC Albion Prelude x x x
Humble Merchant Argon Herron's Nebula 9650 Mercury TS none x x x x
Ban.krupt Assassin Argon Aladna Hill 0 Mamba M3 2 HEPT x x x x
Tormented Teladi Teladi x 1960 Harrier Hauler M5 2 IRE Tormented Teladi plot x Petty Financier x
Poisoned Paranid Paranid x 9268 Demeter Hauler TS 1 IRE x x x x
Aldran Adventurer Terran Aldrin 4090 Spitfyre M3 5 EEMPC Terran plot Crusader x Argon Federal Marshal
Goner Witness Argon Elysium of Light 350 Ranger M6 none Goner plot x x x
Unholy Traitor Split x 21,331 Medusa Prototype M3 2 PAC + 6 PBE x Specialist x Privileged Associate of Rhonkar
Teladi Trafficker Teladi Seizewell 12693 Vulture TS none x x x Teladi Company Owner
Lost Lar Boron Xenon Core 023 1350 Angel TP 2 PAC Hub plot x x Boron Queens Protectorate
Savage Split Split Family Pride 1400 Jaguar M5 2 PAC x Specialist x x
Anonymous Argon Argon Argon Prime 2400 Discoverer M5 none x x x Argon Accepted Advisor
Boring Boron Boron Kingdom End 2000 Octopus M5 none x x Petty Financier x
Pious Paranid Paranid Paranid Prime 3633 Demeter TS none x Specialist x x
Nostalgic Argon Argon Argon Prime 1000 Buster M4 2 IRE x x x x
Suicidal Squid Boron Queen's Harbor 1000 Octopus M5 none x x x x
Custom Game Argon Argon Prime 1000 Buster M4 2 IRE x x x x

Random Starting Locations[edit]


  • Humble Merchant starts with both a Mercury TS and a Discoverer M5.
  • Aldran Adventurer starts with Terran plot completed, so you cannot get its rewards.
  • Goner Witness' Ranger cannot equip any weapons or missiles.
  • Boring Boron starts in hostile territory.
  • Suicidal Squid uses *Dead is Dead* mode, meaning you cannot reload after dying. It requires a Steam connection.
  • Custom Game starts with **all plots disabled**. It does not allow you any actual custom choices either.