Energy Bolt Chaingun

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Energy Bolt Chaingun
Hull Damage (dps)1,400
Shield Damage (dps)8,900 kJ
Range2.81 km
Rate of Fire394 shots/minute
Projectile Speed604 m/s
Max Weapon Energy900 MJ
Energy Cost/Second6 MJ/sec
Ware Energy Bolt Chaingun
Cargo ClassS
Min. Price (Cr)129,984
Ave. Price (Cr)151,144
Max. Price (Cr)172,304


The ammunition based Energy Bolt Chaingun, or EBC, is roughly equivalent on terms of damage potential to the HEPT, and plays the similar heavy fighter/medium corvette weapon role.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

This laser is used in larger weapon systems and by many small to medium fighters. The Energy Bolt Chaingun was designed by the Teladi as an ammo-based alternative to the energy-hungry HEPT and PBE. It fires "bolts" of stored energy designed to damage enemy ships as effectively as any energy or plasma based weapon, while putting less strain on the ship's generator. This weapon requires special ammunition.


Despite dealing slightly less damage per second than the ubiquitous HEPT it boasts slightly higher accuracy due to its better shot speed and frequency, more than making up for slightly inferior damage, and can even result in the EBC dealing more dps to a moving target.
Featuring 0.6km more range than the HEPT, it can be fired earlier, helping you get hits on incoming fighters before they can fire back.
Being an ammo-based weapon, it does not drain a ship's energy reserves, allowing the EBC-equipped ship to keep its non-ammo-based weapons firing for longer. Ammunition does however demand additional cargo space and logistical capacity/micromanagement, especially for significant EBC deployment given the rapidity with which ammunition is depleted.

Like most ammo based weapons the EBC is Teladian in origin. Also like any ammo-based weapon it is emphatically not recommended for OOS duty; a PAC/HEPT/IPG loadout would make a much better choice, especially in turrets. one round of OOS combat depletes an entire ammo crate as a rule.

Ammo: Energy Bolt Chaingun Ammunition

Known Compatible Ships[edit]

Available at Known Docks[edit]

Teladi Light Weapons Complex

Energy Bolt Chaingun Forge available to purchase by players in some Teladi Shipyards.