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Species Type Human
Homeworld Earth/Argon Prime as Human/Argon
Government Theocracy
10    Protector of the Goners
9Holy Order of the Goners
8Goner Evangelist
7Goner Preacher
6Honoured Pilgrim
5Trusted Pilgrim
4Faithful Believer
1Accepted Member
-5Defiler of the Truth


The burning prophecy that Nathan R. Gunne's words once held are now embodied in a new sector, home to an ever-increasing number of believers intent on ensuring that the truth of Gunne's Crusade lives on in eternity. To that end, each new station built in the Goner's one and only known sector, Elysium of Light, is blessed and considered a distance annex of the Goner Temple. That was once near the south gate of the Argon sector Cloudbase South West and is now being relocated.

Government and politics[edit]

As a religious sect, the Goner operate a hierarchy of priests with a much looser structure than that of other X-Universe political entities.

Foreign relations and military[edit]

With their commitment to a policy of non-violence, the Goners have no military force to speak of. However, the Goners do have a substantial number of Goner Rangers roaming the galaxy, seeking to spread their faith through other means.

Despite their aversion to violence, the Goners do recognise that sometimes it is necessary to take up arms for their own protection. As such, mercenaries do have occasion to find themselves in the employ of the Goners.


The Goner sect began about a century after the colonisation of Argon Prime, when the Argon government began suppressing the stories of past history in order to assert its authority and cope with their independence. Most of the population let the events pass, but a small number could not accept the deliberate destruction of their culture's own history. As such, they saved all the material they could, withdrawing from common society as they did so, and named themselves the 'Gunners' after Nathan R Gunne. Over the ensuing centuries, their name was distorted into the more familiar 'Goners' and they became a religious sect. Some called it a cult, most derided it in the later centuries, and everyone outside the sect laughed down the Goners' alternative history until the arrival of Kyle Brennan in the X-Universe.


The Goners are an ascetically religious sect that practices a strictly agrarian and pacifistic lifestyle away from inter-sectoral politics. Their Rangers travel through sectors in a nomadic manner hoping to spread the word of their faith to the other races.

Geography and Climate[edit]

Science and Technology[edit]




  1. Elysium of Light
  2. Harmony of Perpetuity (introduced in AP)


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