Matter/Anti-Matter Launcher

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Matter/Anti-Matter Launcher
Hull Damage (dps)3,700
Shield Damage (dps)10,000 kJ
Range3.62 km
Rate of Fire72 shots/minute
Projectile Speed445 m/s
Max Weapon Energy5,000 MJ
Energy Cost/Second1 MJ/sec
Ware Matter/Anti-Matter Launcher
Cargo ClassM
Min. Price (Cr)433,798
Ave. Price (Cr)451,872
Max. Price (Cr)469,946


The Matter/Anti-Matter Launcher, or MAML, is a Terran corvette and frigate weapon used against medium and heavy targets. It uses Matter/Anti-Matter Warhead Ammunition.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

A weapon usually found equipped by corvettes or frigate-sized ships. The Matter/Anti-matter Launcher fires a bomb-like projectile which contains a small amount of anti-matter suspended in an energy field. When the energy is disrupted by impact or fails after a period of time, the anti-matter mixes with the surrounding matter, resulting in a large explosion. This weapon only fires Matter/Anti-matter Warheads.


The MAML does a large amount of hull damage, but is not as potent against shields. Nevertheless it is still a very powerful weapon, if somewhat limited in accuracy due to the tardy velocity of the warheads. Ammo boxes for this weapon last a long time. Their negligible energy drain and low RoF give Terran/ATF corvettes a great capacity for sustained firepower. As far as weapons for taking care heavier ships go, the MAML is the only real option for intermediate Terran ships, as their corvettes and frigates can only chose from these and Starburst Shockwave Cannons as ideal main weapons for their class, and the shockwave cannons are only truly efficient in the anti-fighter role.

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