Mists of Elysium

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Sector Information
Race Boron
Security Level Border
Population 79,279,621
Planets 4
Sun Strength 150%
Sector Size 200 km
North0 m0 m89,500 mGreat Reef
East100,000 m0 m0 mUnknown Sector (3,15)
South0 m0 m-97,000 mVestibule of Creation
Universe Map


Encyclopedy Entry[edit]

The planet Elysium is described as a peaceful paradise world filled with lush plant life. The lowlands, however, are filled with a thick mist for half of the planet's day. This does not seem to worry the Boron, who remain at some distance within their deep-sea homes.


This is a particularity large sector, spanning 200 kilometers from end to end. It's also quite barren, having only a Royal Boron Trading Station and a handful of Boron food stations.

It is located in an interesting location; out near the fringes of the universe map. It neighbors a small and seemingly empty Unknown Sector, as well as a fairly well defended pirate sector. There are the remnants of a shattered gate near the East Gate.

Default Stations[edit]


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