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Carriers vary in size, from your humble TM Military Transport, up to the massive M1 Carrier, with a fair few ships between.

Equipping a Carrier[edit]

Carriers are usually Capital Ships, and equipping them with a fighter wing usually costs more credits than buying the ship in the first place, so the buyer ought to beware.

Equipping 40+ M3 Fighter ships with weapons is often more than the X-Universe can handle in one go, so often requires special infrastructure in order to equip so many ships in a short space of time.


As all carrier ships, by their definition, can be docked with, it means the player can swap to and from ships landed (default key: "x" when another internal ship is selected). When the player swaps into a ship inside the carrier, the ship will immediately launch. Likewise, when a player docks with a carrier, the player will immediately take control of the carrier.

Useful wares for docking include the Docking Computer for any ships you plan on flying yourself, and the Transporter device and Jumpdrive in the carrier itself.

Docking Non-Fighter Ships[edit]

A few, very special ships can dock non-fighter ships (e.g. ships not M3+ - M5), such as the Paranid Ariadne and Boron Guppy being able to dock a single TS Transport or TP Personnel Transport ship. This is very rare, and only a select few ships may do this.

The Goner Aran is unique in that it can dock other capital-class ships.

Docking at Stations[edit]

As many carriers are capital ships, docking at stations can be difficult. For freight transfer with player-owned stations, Freight Drones are often useful. Otherwise, using the ships carried inside to ferry goods and purchase items from a station is common. Players often use a Jumpdrive equipped TS combined with a transporter to fill a Carrier's cargohold.


Carriers are typically used to resupply the wings of ships they support. This can be automated on a per-craft basis, but setting up a Wing will often make this process easier, as it allows you to set minimum energy cell and missile/ammunition amounts kept in the cargo hold.