Computer Plant

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  Computer Plant
Shields9 GJ
Production Time00:01:36
Product Computer Components (2)
Required Resources
Energy Cells (24)
Silicon Wafers (1)
Food by Race
Optional Resources


Computer Plants manufacture Computer Components out of Energy Cells, Silicon and Food.

NPC Computer Plants also require Microchips, hence these factories will often be sited near a Chip Plant.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

A Computer Plant manufactures both full computer systems and individual computer components that are in great demand throughout the entire universe for general use.

Factories also create the more specialised computer systems found in all space ships and weapon systems.

Race-specific attributes[edit]

Computer Plant
Race Food Amount Station Cost
Argon Meatsteak Cahoonas 16
Buy:Trusted Ally @1,733,468 Cr
Boron Bofu 4
Buy:Queen's Guard @1,415,340 Cr
Paranid Soja Husk 16
Buy:Friend of Priest King @1,733,468 Cr
Split Rastar Oil 12
Buy:Distinguished Associate @1,655,560 Cr
Teladi Nostrop Oil 16
Buy:Majority Shareholder @1,415,340 Cr


Argon Boron Paranid Split Teladi
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