Emperor's Ridge

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Sector Information
Race Paranid
Security Level Border
Population 28,360,448
Planets 3
Sun Strength 150%
Sector Size 60 km
North3,000 m7,500 m26,490 mPriest's Pity
South6,750 m-9,000 m-30,240 mPontifex' Realm
West-28,740 m-3,750 m0 mDuke's Domain
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Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

This system contains the main Equipment Dock used to refit medium Paranid Fighters. These weapons are of the highest quality and Paranid technology is extremely reliable. This system was hit heavily in the last Xenon conflict and security is still tight. This system represents the far border of the 'Old Paranid Empire,' the 'New Empire' consisting of territories claimed since the conflict.


True to the encyclopedia entry, this sector was the farthest south one could get in X: Beyond the Frontier.

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