Firefly Missile

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Firefly Missile
Yield x Warheads1,500 x 1
Speed576 m/s
Range25 km
Cooldown ms
Target AcquisitionAutonomous
Area of Effect m
Ware Firefly Missile
Cargo ClassS
Min. Price (Cr)
Ave. Price (Cr)224
Max. Price (Cr)


The Firefly is a very light and very fast dumbfire missile. However, it does very weak damage and it will require hundreds of these to take down certain ships. It is notable for being the only purchasable dumbfire missile.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

With combat increasingly being fought at ever closer range, Argon Military specialists turned to the development of a more straightforward technology that did not require the advanced guidance systems of other missile units. The result was the Firefly Missile, a small, extremely fast projectile. With a high exit velocity and single trajectory, it is a oneshot one chance armament.


The Firefly is not commonly used, but when it is, it is often employed in numbers by fighters spamming a corvette whilst strafing it. Whilst it can be used against scouts and light fighters it takes a very, very good pilot to land the hit. Its terribly low damage doesn't make it useful it most situations, relegating it to either a low-class commodity for space equipment docks or a mildly important item for Corporation-sponsored delivery missions.

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