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Following the Boron Campaign and the Peace Treaty from 350, the Argon and the Boron formed a permanent alliance called the "Foundation Guild". The guild handles the permanent trading links between Boron and Argon and it's also charged with policing the trading routes between the two allies. The currency chosen was the Argon Mark. The Guild Headquarters are based in The Hole system.

As a counter, the Split and the Paranid races founded the "Profit Guild".

In 550, following contacts with a new race, the Teladi, the allies tried to convince them to make steps towards joining the Foundation Guild. The efforts failed and, instead, the Teladi began trading with the Profit Guild. This choice was met with considerable suspicion by the Argon and Boron races. Later, it become known that the Teladi refused to join because they wanted to keep and impose their currency, the Teladi Buckzoid.

In 589, both The Foundation Guild and The Profit Guild agreed to use a common currency, called Credits. The event is known as The Great Currency Reform. The Credits remain, even today, the common currency in the X Universe.

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