Gauss Cannon

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Gauss Cannon
Hull Damage (dps)17,900
Shield Damage (dps)42,200 kJ
Range4.78 km
Rate of Fire88 shots/minute
Projectile Speed353 m/s
Max Weapon Energy4,000 MJ
Energy Cost/Second1 MJ/sec
Ware Gauss Cannon
Cargo ClassXL
Min. Price (Cr)676,732
Ave. Price (Cr)727,668
Max. Price (Cr)778,604


The Gauss Cannon, sometimes abbreviated to GC, is a Teladi capital ship weapon that uses ammunition.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

A deadly weapon found on frigates, destroyers and carriers. The Teladi designed this ammo-based low-tech solution in a bid to save money on expensive capital ship energy generators. The Gauss Cannon uses magnetic coils to accelerate large ionised metallic slugs that, while too big to pass through them, will disrupt enemy shields. This weapon requires specially-made ammunition in order to fire.


A powerful and popular ammo-based capital weapon. The Gauss Cannon is very ammunition efficient and effective against both shields and hull. Its damage leans towards rapid hull destruction rather than shielding, but it deals good shield damage also. It is often used in conjunction with the Ion Cannon which has similar range and the highest shield damage in the game.

Known Compatible Ships[edit]

Argon Boron Paranid Pirates Split Teladi Xenon Yaki Goner

Available at Known Docks[edit]

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