Ghoul Missile

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Ghoul Missile
Yield x Warheads6,500 x 8
Speed450 m/s
Range56.3 km
Cooldown ms
Target Acquisition
Area of Effect m
Ware Ghoul Missile
Cargo ClassM
Min. Price (Cr)
Ave. Price (Cr)33,692
Max. Price (Cr)


The Ghoul is the Terran equivalent of the Flail Barrage Missile, and can only be mounted on the ATF Skirnir.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

Using similar technology to the Poltergeist missile, this missile features both multiple warheads and advanced target-acquisition technology. It is also fitted with a proximity fuse and is designed to be fired in salvos from specially-equipped ships.


Everything that applies to the Flail also applies to this munition, which is even more potent but slightly slower and with less range. The Ghoul is finally obtainable en mass, you can purchase the factory at the moon shipyard in AP.

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