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Plutarch Mining Corporation
Species Type Argon
Homeworld Ore Belt / Albion Delta (AP)
Government Corporate
10    Industrialist Legend
9Trade Guardian
8Plutarch Shareholder
7Merchant Protector
6Transportation Specialist
5Merchant Miner
4Mineral Specialist
3Professional Supplier
2Confirmed Supplier
1Hired Trader
0Potential Contact
-3Confirmed Enemy
-4Enemy of Free Trade
-5Enemy of Plutarch


Plutarch Mining Corporation is a rapidly-growing new mining conglomerate that doesn't shy away from any type of exploitation, not just asteroids.

Previously their Headquarters was located in Ore Belt, as of Albion Prelude, it has been relocated to Albion Delta.

It was founded by former philosopher and Albion's discoverer Quinlan Rorke, in 746 NT/2916 EY. After he died, a short time before the Dark started in December 31, 778 NT/2948 EY, Plutarch became a malevolent shadow of its former self. After the dark started, Plutarch took over Albion by force, defeating the Federation forces garrisoned there, and completely took over Albion. They restored slavery as a vice for the rich and wealthy, and dealt with political rivals in ways so brutal, even a Split would be sickened by them.

Science and Technology[edit]


Reward the player of these ships when reach specific ranks



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