Priest's Pity

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Sector Information
Race Paranid
Security Level Border
Population 1,968,211
Planets 3
Sun Strength 150%
Sector Size 90 km
North-10,125 m6,187 m35,235 mSplit Fire
South20,250 m0 m-37,485 mEmperor's Ridge
West-44,235 m-6,750 m-5,625 mPriest Rings
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Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

This system manufactures hardware for the refit yards in Emperor's Ridge. It also provides masses of mineral and organic products to be consumed by their crews. Despite a heavy security around the military installations, the Space Jewellery workshop provides rich pickings for the more aggressive and desperate looters and pirates based in nearby systems.

Default Stations[edit]


Asteroid Coordinates (m)
Ore 16 -13921 -8705 10799
Ore 8 -26013 6743 -2664

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