Spectre Missile

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Spectre Missile
Yield x Warheads260,000 x 1
Speed228 m/s
Range24.1 km
Cooldown2,000 ms
Target AcquisitionTargetted
GuidanceHeat Seeking
Area of Effect m
Ware Spectre Missile
Cargo ClassM
Min. Price (Cr)6,681
Ave. Price (Cr)7,860
Max. Price (Cr)9,039


The Terran equivalent of the Hornet, the Spectre is a cheap and relatively fast medium/heavy munition for use against heavy fighters and corvettes. It has heat seeking capability.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

The Spectre is a heat-seeking missile with proximity fusing, used by M3 and larger USC ships against medium-sized opponents.


The Spectre is a heat-seeking missile with proximity fusing, used by USC capital ships against medium-sized opponents. 30% more powerful than the Hornet, and faster by a small margin, the drawback of this munition is the large amount of cargo space it takes up, and less range compared to its Commonwealth counterpart. The ability of Spectres to be mounted on ships smaller than corvettes, however, makes it a very dangerous munition. Exceptionally difficult to source, as the factories can never be bought.

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