Tractor Beam

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Tractor Beam
Hull Damage (dps)0
Shield Damage (dps)0 kJ
Range2 km
Rate of Fire120 shots/minute
Projectile Speed4,000 m/s
Max Weapon Energy7,000 MJ
Energy Cost/Second2,000 MJ/sec
Ware Tractor Beam
Cargo ClassS
Min. Price (Cr)763,507
Ave. Price (Cr)779,088
Max. Price (Cr)794,669


A very useful item, the TB allows station repositioning, most helpful when complexing. It can be used by most M6 class and above, and has no combatative worth.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

The Tractor Beam is a new invention, designed primarily to move stations without the need for large and clumsy grappling systems. The beam uses a series of projected gravitic fields, which in effect reduce the mass of the object, making it easier to move.


The Tractor Beam is commonly used to assemble mines into complexes. The idea of using it to tow asteroids into enemy capital ships is frequently touted, but this cannot be done (unless the asteroid is a mine) as the tractor beam cannot lock on to an object not owned by the player.

While technically "compatible", the tractor beam cannot actually be used by ships smaller than M6 corvettes, due to the energy requirements. From Nanook's post on the Egosoft X3 forum : "Tractor beams are really designed to be used by M6's, TL's and larger ships. The fact that they fit on a Mercury is probably due to the fact that all 'special weapons' are lumped together - tractor beam, repair laser, mobile drilling system (mining laser). If it can mount one, it can mount them all. Most likely, that Mercury was designed to mount a MDS, so it can also mount, but not use, the TB. In short, get an M6."

Known Compatible Ships[edit]








Available at Known Docks[edit]

Third Redemption

  • Tractor Beam Factory Alpha
  • Tractor Beam Factory Beta