Typhoon Missile

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Typhoon Missile
Yield x Warheads30,000 x 8
Speed195 m/s
Range74.8 km
Cooldown2,000 ms
Target AcquisitionTargeted
Area of Effect0 m
Ware Typhoon Missile
Cargo ClassM
Min. Price (Cr)30,323
Ave. Price (Cr)33,692
Max. Price (Cr)37,061


The Typhoon is a swarm missile that has long range, high damage, decent speed, and takes up a fairly tolerable amount of cargo space; this makes it quite well-balanced and versatile. When launched at a fighter swarm, it is utterly devastating, although it won't be able to catch up to M5s because of its slow speed. It is also dangerously effective at ripping through even the shields of an M2 when launched in bulk.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

Holding more accuracy than the Firefly, the Typhoon Missile again allows multiple armaments to be launched at the same target, however with the addition of Image Recognition tracking, the possibility of success has been raised substantially. Again launching simultaneously or in succession, the pilot has the option of firing when not directly pointed at the target at hand.


The Typhoon's only real drawbacks are the high cost of deploying it, and that it cannot lock on to new targets after its original one is destroyed. Otherwise it is a potent anti-fighter/corvette weapon, and a favourite amongst missile users. It also can serve as a potent anti-capital ship weapon from afar due to being compatible with many ships M6-class or higher and can be carried in bulk to confound enemy capital ship turrets. Because it is a corvette-grade missile, no craft below M6s can equip it to avoid unbalancing the game. An exception to this is the Paranid Medusa Prototype, the only fighter to be able to carry the Typhoon as well as the Firestorm Torpedo and the Hornet Missile. Thanks to its race-neutral standardization with any Commonwealth capital ship (not to mention Xenon capital ships), as well as having available factories for it, the Typhoon is generally considered the best overall swarm missile for general purpose duty, except for its aforementioned inability to chase an M5 ship.


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