Chip Plant

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  Chip Plant
Shields9 GJ
Production Time00:24:00
Product Microchips (4)
Required Resources
Energy Cells (360)
Silicon Wafers (15)
Food by Race
Optional Resources


Chip plants produce Microchips from Energy Cells, Silicon Wafers and Food.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

Chip plants produce microchips, essential components in all computers. They are usually to be found near to a computer plant with a steady stream of transport ships travelling between the two locations.

The chips are manufactured from silicon wafers that are especially treated with various coatings to create the required conductivity. In some special chips, Majaglit is used to provide a special super conductive coating. Once complete the chips are then sent onto the computer plant for installation into the computers.

Race-specific attributes[edit]

Chip Plant
Race Food Amount Station Cost
Argon Meatsteak Cahoonas 240
Buy:Trusted Ally @5,599,036 Cr
Boron Bofu 60
Buy:Queen's Guard @5,012,124 Cr
Paranid Soja Husk 48
Buy:Friend of Priest King @6,778,056 Cr
Split Rastar Oil 36
Buy:Distinguished Associate @6,487,196 Cr
Teladi Nostrop Oil 240
Buy:Majority Shareholder @5,599,036 Cr


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