Phased Repeater Gun

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Phased Repeater Gun
Hull Damage (dps)765
Shield Damage (dps)7,200 kJ
Range2.32 km
Rate of Fire638 shots/minute
Projectile Speed1,560 m/s
Max Weapon Energy900 MJ
Energy Cost/Second138 MJ/sec
Ware Phased Repeater Gun
Cargo ClassS
Min. Price (Cr)133,130
Ave. Price (Cr)149,584
Max. Price (Cr)166,038


The Phased Repeater Gun or PRG is a powerful heavy fighter weapon used on Argon ships amongst others. Not to be confused with the PBG or PSG.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

A weapon found in some medium and large fighters.

Designed for M3 fighters to be lighter and faster than HEPTs, and also serving as a heavier weapon for M4s. The Phased Repeater Gun fires in quick bursts of 3 rounds and is ideal for taking out fast and hard-to-hit enemy fighters.


The PRG is a light and fast weapon. The high shell velocity makes it a very accurate weapon and it deals a decent amount of damage, making its destructive potential against fighters very high. A good weapon for an M3 that has to deal with smaller adversaries that are too difficult to hit with the HEPT. An excellent choice for back/front turrets on Commonwealth fighters capable of mounting and powering it; its accuracy makes it effective in a Missile Defence turret.

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