Quantum Tube Fab

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  Quantum Tube Fab
Shields9 GJ
Production Time00:40:00
Product Quantum Tubes (24)
Required Resources
Energy Cells (600)
Ore (100)
Food by Race
Optional Resources


The Quantum Tube Fab manufactures Quantum Tubes from Energy Cells, Ore and Food.

NPC stations will buy Crystals as a secondary resource.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

Tube fabs manufacture quantum or so-called Planck tubes, a quantum level counterpart of the valve created from silicon that is used inside the engines and controls of many of the larger transporter ships and destroyers.

Some Planck Tubes are also used in the manufacture of Particle Accelerator Cannons. The manufacture of Plank Tubes is both costly and complex.

Race-specific attributes[edit]

Quantum Tube Fab
Race Food Amount Station Cost
Argon Meatsteak Cahoonas 400
Buy:Trusted Ally @4,135,652 Cr
Boron Bofu 100
Buy:Queen's Guard @5,051,080 Cr
Paranid Soja Husk 80
Buy:Friend of Priest King @4,590,120 Cr
Split Rastar Oil 60
Buy:Distinguished Associate @4,590,120 Cr
Teladi Nostrop Oil 400
Buy:Majority Shareholder @4,135,652 Cr


Argon Boron Paranid Split Teladi