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There are several races in the X universe.

Some are friendly to other races and some are not.



The aquatic squid-like Boron originate from the oceans of Kingdom End. Organised politically into the Boron Kingdom, they are a peace loving people, but are engaged in long-term hostilities with the Split. They also are allies with the Argon.



The Argon are the descendants of the fleet of daring pilots commanded by Nathan R. Gunne that led the Terraformer fleet away from Earth and through the subsequently destroyed Earth jumpgate, trapping both fleets in the gate network. When it became apparent that they were never returning home, the survivors started to rebuild their lives and eventually began to collectively call themselves "Argon" in remembrance of Gunne's sacrifice. It would be many centuries before the Argon Federation would know of the term Terran again.


Terrans are the humans left behind on Earth after Gunne seperated them from the X-universe. They have, over time, rebuilt their civilization in the Solar System and have advanced technology. The reconnection of the Solar System to the gate network has reintroduced them to X-Universe. They are highly xenophobic and do not share technology with the rest of the X-Universe, leaving their economy somewhat isolated.


Aldrin is an old Earth colony, lost during the Terraformer war that cut Earth off from the gate network. Their isolation and the nature of their star system has bred some impressive capabilities into some of their technologies, such as propulsion, but in other respects such as armaments they lag behind the Commonwealth.


The Kha'ak are an aggressive race who are determined to annihilate all life in the X-Universe. Insectoid in origin, very little is known about them excepting their widespread dependence on Nividium.


The three-eyed Paranid are a deeply religious race who believe themselves to be superior to all other beings. Organized into an Empire which is comprised like a feudal system crossed with a church hierarchy, they are masters of technology. Once allies of the Argon Federation, relations soured during the first Xenon war and now the two factions are hostile.


The Split are an extremely aggressive race with a long history of conflict both amongst themselves and with the Boron Kingdom. Politically, the Split are divided into many families, each with their own territory, but united (most of the time) under the Split Patriarch and known as the Split Families.


A reptilian people with a militant capitalist culture, the Teladi are wily and a major threat to the pockets of anyone who they deal with but generally harmless militarily. A female-dominated culture, male Teladi do not leave the homeworld. The Teladi government is known as the Teladi Company and its primary function is to protect the profits of Teladi across the X-Universe. They maintain a neutral stance towards all the other races, with the exception of the Xenon and the Kha'ak, who both are naturally inclined towards hostility to every other race.


Once known as the Terraformers, the Xenon were created on Earth to assist in the human colonisation of the universe. However, several centuries ago an errant code contained in a software update spread throughout the Terraformer fleet, unlocking machine sentience and turning them extremely hostile.


Little is known about the Sohnen, an old spacefaring race which has little to do with Commonwealth affairs.


Each species features additional subgroups and alliances which form factions beyond governmental ties. Here are a few of the most prominent.


The AGI Task Force is a security faction for the Terrans, tasked with protecting Earth against threats posed by Artificial General Intelligence.

Community of Planets[edit]

A blanket term describing the 5 primary races in the gate network: Argon, Boron, Paranid, Split and Teladi. Also known as the Commonwealth

Foundation Guild[edit]

A formal alliance between the Argon and the Boron, during the first Xenon conflict. The Split and Paranid refused to join the foundation guild instead opted joining the Teladi in their Profit guild. while relations with other races outside the foundation guild remain tense yet somewhat cordial, each have the common enemy known as the Xenon.


A sect of religious citizens from the early colonists of Argon Prime who were first known as "Gunners", namely after their leader at the time Nathan R. Gunne who explored the universe for a way back home to Earth. Over the many centuries details were obscured and Earth was pretty much forgotten, what remained of Earth became known as the "Truth", the origin of the Argons. Another thing obscured over time was their name, as the "Gunners" morphed into Goners.


A loose alliance of lawbreakers and rogues, the Pirates range from ordinary but unaligned businessmen to vicious slavery gangs and militants.

Profit Guild[edit]

Formed initially during the first Xenon conflict mainly because the Paranid refused to share their technology with the Boron and Argon. Seeing the Split as the only race even remotely worthy as an ally, the Paranid chose to form an alliance with the Split. Because the Split and Paranid believe their own race is superior, they are quite comfortable not sharing technology with each other, and together form a formidable, yet awkward relationship. The Teladi, knowing conflict brings profit saw fit to join the rightly so named Profit guild as well, for no other reason than profits.


The ruthless Yaki pirates have taken advantage of the weakened Argon Fleet to carry out raids on Argon facilities and many other sectors in the universe. They set up shop near Paranid space, with their core world being Weavers Tempest, and their shipyard in Senator's Badlands. The Yaki are known to be the most deadly pirates who have sold out their own mothers for less than a nickel.


Corporations are a recent development in the power structure of the Commonwealth.
Focused primarily on business operations, Corporations represent a significant force.
The following corporations maintain their own headquarters stations.


Headquartered in Queen's Harbour, Atreus Shipbuilding Currents specializes in automated spacecraft.


Headquartered in an Unknown Sector (10,16), Duke's Buccanneers are a 'private security corporation'.


Jonferson Space Dynamics Division, headquartered in Belt of Aguilar, specializes in engineering and installation design.


The Nividium Mining and Manufacturing Corporation hunts for Nividium and the attendant profits from their headquarters in PTNI Headquarters.


From their headquarters in Legend's Home, Optimised Technology, Armaments and Shielding Corporation designs and manufactures advanced spacecraft.


The Plutarch Mining Corporation exploits the best business deals from their home in Ore Belt

Strong Arms[edit]

Split Strong Arms focuses on running their arms business from Thyn's Excavation.


Terracorp, a private security and R&D firm, is a diverse and influential player in X-Universe politics, maintaining a headquarters in Home of Light.

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