Albion Delta

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Sector Information
Race Argon
Security Level Border
Population 43,289
Planets 1
Sun Strength 150%
Sector Size 80 km
South0 m0 m-20,000 mAlbion Beta
Universe Map



With Albion's latent mineral wealth, it was no supprise to see several mining corporations clamouring for mining rights. Pltarch Mining Corporation became the front-runner in the contest with their vast funds and readily available fleet of ships. Essentially becoming partners with Jonferco in the Albion endeavour, Plutarch was to showcase the Highway project as a vision of the future, improving both social and economic aspects for any system in which they are installed. The Highway research and technology itself has been withheld form Plutarch, much to the dismay of it's top officials.

Default Stations[edit]

  1. Plutarch Defence Outpost
  2. Plutarch Development Station
  3. Plutarch Mining Corporation HQ


13 Known


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