Antigone Memorial

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Sector Information
Race Argon
Security Level Border
Population 43,355,289
Planets 4
Sun Strength 150%
Sector Size 90 km
West-30,200 m0 m11,000 mPower Circle
South-3,370 m0 m-28,200 mThe Hole
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Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

This sector was once occupied by the Argon Federation's largest station, the Antigone. It was attacked in 215 NT/ 2385 EY by the largest Xenon fleet known to date. The station launched its defense fleet when one of the Xenon ships fired into the docking bays, destroying several fighter wings and setting off a chain reaction from damaged propulsion systems in the process. The station was destroyed, killing thousands of people. Some crew and visitors managed to make it through the emergency escape pods that were recovered once the Xenon retreated. In one of the largest recovery efforts ever made by the Argon, medevac ships were dispatched to assist. One of these, the Springbird, was attacked while leaving the sector, forcing it into the atmosphere of the planet 'Sandwell'. All contact was subsequently lost. The recovery operation was extended to find survivors on the planet surface, none were ever located, perhaps from the scorching heat from the local star. The outpost has now become a place of remembrance for the many Argon who travel here to honor their war dead. The design of all Free Argon Trading Stations is based on the Antigone's design.

The sector is named after the museum "Antigone Memorial", built on Sandwell's surface. The museum contains all of Antigone's surviving databases. The AP Gunner, stored under the name of AP Sonra-44, managed to escape the station before it exploded, but this was only discovered 449 years later, by Kyle William Brennan, as he looked for a way to return back to Earth.

Default Stations[edit]


Asteroid Coordinates (m)
Ore 90 -5000 -22900 15400
Ore 21 456 790 3430
Ore 18 -10300 342 1540
Ore 13 -1100 -3320 13000
Silicon 61 13200 -1130 17500
Silicon 61 12300 -9520 17900
Silicon 26 -16000 2680 6520
Silicon 6 8940 3310 14200

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