Family Ryk

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Sector Information
Race Split
Security Level Border
Population 39,015,917
Planets 3
Sun Strength 150%
Sector Size 110 km
North0 m0 m60,027 mOcean of Fantasy
South0 m0 m-177,000 mFamily Zyarth
West-57,277 m0 m0 mNjy's Deception
Universe Map


Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

This is the home to the once great Ryk Family. After a territorial dispute with the Njy family, Ryk lost one of their two outposts. The second colony is this system, which was taken from the ownership of the last Patriarch who fell in a great battle with Family Rhonkar. Unlike some other systems in the local area, this system is relatively uninteresting, but one may find the odd skirmish between the neighboring Boron colony and the Ryk Family.


As of Albion Prelude, Family Ryk has completely vanished. The south gate in Ocean of Fantasy is inert, and the fate of the Split inhabitants is unknown.

Default Stations[edit]


Asteroid Coordinates (m)
Ore 26 -6580 -11948 -22510
Ore 21 18874 -14025 -34978
Ore 16 2251 2597 -37922
Ore 11 12731 10762 -24889

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