Family Zyarth

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Sector Information
Race Split
Security Level Border
Population 4,668,683
Planets 4
Sun Strength 150%
Sector Size 105 km
North-32,500 m0 m30,290 mFamily Ryk
East49,790 m0 m0 mZyarth's Dominion
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Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

After a failed attempt at securing land from the Njy family, the Zyarth family had no choice but to look elsewhere. Rumors emerged over time that the Ryk family had discovered a new system which they were soon planning to occupy. However, because of a lack of resources, they kept such knowledge a closely guarded secret - or so they thought. Acting upon data collected from their spies, the Zyarth family moved in quickly and established a colony, much to the Ryk family's anger.


This sector has completely vanished as of Albion Prelude; the West Gate from Zyarth's Dominion is lifeless and Family Zyarth cannot be reached by jumpdrive. The fate of its inhabitants is unknown.

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