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Paranid Hades
ClassM8 Bomber
Buy:Priest Protectorate @5,442,574 Cr
Speed (Min-Max)68.8 - 137.5 m/s
Acceleration (Min-Max)9.14 - 18.3 m/s2
Steering (Min-Max)13.3 - 26.6 RPM
Hull Strength25,000
Max. Shield (Total)5 x 25 MJ (125 MJ)
Shield Reactor1,200 MW
Cargo Class (Min-Max)500 - 790 @ L
Laser Capacitor1,100 MJ
Laser Recharge32 MW
Front Missile Turret: 2 Launch Tubes
                                                                                                         Rear x 1


The Hades is the preferred Commonwealth bomber, being the best compromise of statistics. Many also consider it one of the best-looking ships in the game.


Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

The sleek lines of the Hades belie the steel beneath. The best of Paranid technology make this bomber a leader in its class.

Physical Characteristics[edit]

About twice the size on an M3 fighter, the Hades has a sleek fuselage with curved wings.


Like all bombers, the Hades fights by loosing missiles off at a capital ship from outside its range. A good missile defence script is needed to thwart a Tomahawk barrage. Give its small size and fairly good maneuverability, capital ships struggle to land hits on this ship. However, the Hades pilot must be wary of faster fighters, particularly of the M4 and M4+ classes.


The Hades fires the Tomahawk Heavy Missile.


Variant Heaven's Assertion Third Redemption
Hades x x

It may also be found among Paranid patrols and pirate wings spawned by station defense missions and is vulnerable to the bail and claim mechanic.

Suggested Roles[edit]

The Hades is a cheap anti-capital ship bomber, which can be used with fighter cover to destroy an entire sector.

See Also[edit]

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