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Sector Information
Race Argon
Security Level Core
Population 35,043,862
Planets 2
Sun Strength 150%
Sector Size 50 km
North312 m1,250 m21,913 mArgon Prime
East13,788 m-4,062 m-4,375 mPresident's End
South-7,500 m-4,687 m-25,975 mOre Belt
West-26,913 m4,687 m-7,187 mRed Light
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Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

Scattered in the shadow of the now terraformed planet 'Kho's Haven', this recently re-colonized system's intallations are mainly concerned with the production of high quality electronics and fabrics. Lax security arrangements make this system a favorite route for Pirate raiding parties looking for richer pickings.

Default Stations[edit]


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