Photon Pulse Cannon

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Photon Pulse Cannon
Hull Damage (dps)8,200
Shield Damage (dps)46,500 kJ
Range6.62 km
Rate of Fire43 shots/minute
Projectile Speed333 m/s
Max Weapon Energy4,000 MJ
Energy Cost/Second420 MJ/sec
Ware Photon Pulse Cannon
Cargo ClassXL
Min. Price (Cr)878,810
Ave. Price (Cr)934,904
Max. Price (Cr)990,998


The Photon Pulse Cannon or PPC is the premier Commonwealth capital ship weapon.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

A deadly weapon found on frigates, destroyers and carriers.

First developed by Professor Jo Bydnah of the Argon, the Photon Pulse Cannon became a favorite of the Argon Military, who then sold the original design to other races. This type of weapon is extremely powerful, and can only be fitted on the larger Capital craft. It works by sending highly charged photon radiation through a series of coils, that multiplies the charge, creating a very deadly pulse of radiation.


The PPC does the job that the HEPT once did; a weapon that capital ships use to slug it out with other capital ships. It is the most all-round of the capital weapons that include the PSP, Ion Cannon, Gauss Cannon and IBL. Whilst it can be charged for extra damage, the PPC deals enough that it isn't necessary. Destroyers are usually equipped with full arrays of them; but they set the owner back a pretty penny, as together a full loadout of PPCs is almost as costly as some of the destroyer hulls that mount them.

Known Compatible Ships[edit]

Almost all M1 and M2 class ships can use this weapon.
The Boron Thresher and the Xenon Q are the only M7 class ships which can mount the PPC.
Similarly, the Goner Truelight Seeker is the only known M6 which can mount the PPC.

Available at Known Docks[edit]

Produced in the Photon Pulse Cannon Forge available in some Argon Shipyard and Paranid Shipyard.
Sell by existing Argon and Paranid Heavy Weapons Complex or Photon Pulse Cannon Forge located in sector:

Argon Boron Paranid Split Teladi