President's End

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Sector Information
Race Argon
Security Level Border
Population 68,598,614
Planets 3
Sun Strength 150%
Sector Size 60 km
North-7,875 m2,250 m22,740 mThe Wall
East16,740 m5,625 m2,625 mElena's Fortune
South-4,125 m-4,875 m-23,115 mCloudbase South East
West-26,490 m4,500 m1,500 mHome of Light
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Encyclopedia Entry (Terran Conflict)[edit]

Now little more than a smouldering shell, President's End stands testament to the ferocity of the Kha'ak. What little remains here has been left untouched, a silent memorial and burial ground to the countless souls who lost their lives, unable to escape this sector's final demise. With gates that link to areas that hold even greater anarchy, Argon security patrols struggle to maintain any semblance of control over the sector. Plans to rebuild are still held back by the fear of further reprisals. Perhaps in time President's End will see a new beginning, but until then this sector remains in mourning.

Encyclopedia Entry (Albion Prelude)[edit]

After having been completely wiped out by the Kha'ak, the remains here have been left untouched as a silent memorial to the countless souls who lost their lives. Plans to rebuild were held back by the fear of further reprisals, but now that the Kha'ak have mostly been wiped from the known universe, Argon officials have decided to give a green light to rebuilding. While this sector may come to life and flourish once again, the scar of the tragedy runs deep and will not be forgotten.

President's End used to be a quite developed sector, until 764 NT/2934 EY, when the first contact with the Kha'ak, now known as the "President's End Incident" happened. The Kha'ak just came in and destroyed everything, leaving no survivors. The sector remained abandoned for over a decade, and had just started to rebuild around 776 NT/2946 EY, when the Terran War started.

In the original German, the sector is called Trantor, named after the first capital of Asimov's Foundation Series's Galactic Empire.

Default Stations[edit]

President's End has no default stations in Terran Conflict.


Asteroid Coordinates (m)
Ore 21 -11784 -5344 -17818
Ore 18 -7315 -6194 18557
Ore 13 -2167 -1814 18557
Silicon 45 6375 -5625 -9375
Silicon 26 -13648 -3459 1791
Silicon 6 -14960 -4117 12559
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