Ringo Moon

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Sector Information
Race Argon
Security Level Core
Population 4,876,545
Planets 1
Sun Strength 150%
Sector Size 80 km
North0 m0 m23,320 mCloudbase North West
East26,320 m0 m0 mArgon Prime
South0 m0 m-30,320 mRed Light
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Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

This outpost of basic installations acts as a resupply point for all Federation ships in the area. It produces only the basic products most required by small ships and installations. The system is the spiritual home of the popular Argon sport known as 'Hardball'.


Ringo's Moon is one of the four moons of the gas giant "Sergeant Pepper", in the Desolum System. The other moons are called Harrison's Moon, Paul's Moon and John's Moon. The planet and its moons were named in the time of Nathan Gunne, after the members of the 20th Earth Century's Terran rock band "The Beatles".

Much of Ringo's surface is covered in mountains, one of the best known is the inactive volcano near the moon's capital, Gorki Range. Landing sites are particularly expensive at Ringo Moon, due to this mountainous terrain. The Moon has a breathable atmosphere and a seasonal climate. The northern hemisphere is known for its stormy weather and frequent floods. There's also large outdoor arenas where Hardball is played - the extreme weather conditions make the game even more interesting there. A very tall and wild mountain range can also be found there. In 762 NT/2932 EY, an Argon survey vessel crashed and burned on them, with all hands lost.

In 764 NT/2934 EY, the dead body of an Argon was discovered on the surface of Paul's Moon, in a small cabin. Some people believe it was the corpse of Alexandros Kitchin, one of the first Goner Priests and writer of the "Book of the Future Truth", but the Goners dispute that claim.

Ringo Moon is also the birthplace of the infobroker Ferd Harling, who helped both Helena Kho and Julian Brennan on their journeys.

The planet Desolum IV, in the same system, is home to the Argon Polytechnic Institute, a science university with an excellent reputation, especiakly in the physics department. In 675 NT/2845 EY, the famous singularity scientist Dr. Siobhan Norman, who helped reverse-engineer the X-Shuttle's jumpdrive and developed the version used by most Community ships graduated from there.

Default Stations[edit]


Asteroid Coordinates (m)
Ore 13 -19689 5258 9666
Silicon 6 14360 -8087 -26671

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