The Hole

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Sector Information
Race Argon
Security Level Border
Population 71,313,091
Planets 2
Sun Strength 150%
Sector Size 110 km
North-21,000 m23,000 m42,595 mAntigone Memorial
East26,970 m18,250 m-38,250 mAtreus' Clouds
South135,000 m24,750 m-51,220 mThe Wall
West-37,220 m0 m23,500 mHerron's Nebula
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Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

This Argon system's economy is heavily reliant on trade between the Argon and their Boron allies. The Foundation Guild has its Headquarters and the Trading Station is the temporary seat of the newly founded Boron Chamber of Commerce. The many cattle ranches here supply Argnu Beef for the local and export markets.


This is a very long sector, with the North and West gates about 100km away from the South and East gates. It may be shorter to fly through nearby sectors instead of flying across the sector.

Default Stations[edit]


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