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Sector Information
Race Argon
Security Level Border
Population 29,956,087
Planets 2
Sun Strength 150%
Sector Size 70 km
East43,512 m0 m840 mMidnight Star
South0 m0 m-35,280 mInterworlds
West-35,280 m0 m0 mNathan's Voyage
Universe Map


The original name for this sector was Light of Hope, until the Xenon attacked many years ago. It was clear that the sectors patrols wouldn't hold out against further attacks, so the colony was preparing for evacuation using small transport ships. Backup from the Argon Military was sent; four Titan class Destroyers and two Colossus Carriers, complete with fighters wings. They were to escort the transport ships out of the system, but before they could get the gate, Xenon ships jumped in and overwhelmed the fleet. All civilian ships escaped alongside a lone destroyer, the Challenger. Three years later, a joint Argon-Boron force took back Light of Hope and it was renamed Wastelands, reflecting the carnage and debris that the force found. Now cleared of that detritus and with the Xenon threat greatly dismished, its inhabitants strive to maintain a normal existence.

Default Stations[edit]


Asteroid Coordinates (m)
Ice 15 -29075 -4812 22064
Ore 21 -19580 3062 29370
Ore 18 20124 -6560 -5250
Ore 7 -16317 11706 -5439
Ore 4 -8702 3937 -16317
Silicon 15 10878 5250 26107

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