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Species Type Mechanoid
Homeworld Xenon Core 023
Systems 11
Government Network


Today, the Xenon are somewhat of an enigma. There is no known contact between the Xenon and any other race. They do not belong to any of the guilds. They do not use Credits nor is it known what, if any, currency they use. They appear to have no interest in the technology of or to trade with other races. The location of the Xenon home planet, if there is one, has never been discovered in spite of many attempts to do so. Nor does anyone know the exact size of the territory that the Xenon control. Hence, on most star maps, possible Xenon sectors are only marked with a question mark and a warning to be cautious. Not many ships dare venture into these regions of space and, regrettably, many ships brave enough to do so have never been heard from again. The Xenon, if robot psychologists are to be believed, seem to be ever increasing in self-awareness, consciousness and understanding of themselves. Whether this development is a step in the right direction is still undecided since the Xenon attack first and don't bother asking questions afterwards.

A special covert operations department of the Argon Federation Space Academy based on Argon Prime has researched the Xenon for many years and is currently engaged in documenting and cross referencing all confirmed Xenon ship sightings. Unnamed sources inside the department suggest that there are plans to finance an undercover expedition deep into Xenon territory in an attempt to discover the Xenon home world.

The Xenon are a mechanical race whose history began on Earth. They were the Terraformers, sent to make planets habitable for humans until the project's leader, Martin Winters, altered a self-destruction patch and modified it to save his creations. Then they tried to terraform the humans, in revenge for their attempted genocide. This eventually lead to the events of the first X game, where a Terran pilot (Kyle Brennan, the player) was stranded in the X universe, and through a series of actions, had to destroy a Xenon mothership that was capable of destroying planets. They were originally designed to evolve endlessly, and it seems they have done : between their instigation in the first X game to Terran Conflict, they have been implied to have some self-awareness, although all negotiations have failed. The Split have a cease-fire with them in border worlds where there had been skirmishes, but this is rather shaky. They are hostile to all races, including the Kha'ak, and have highly advanced ships.

Xenon spacecraft tend to be of higher performance than others, although their staple heavy fighter has an unusually small laser generator. Their preferred weapon is the Pulsed Beam Emitter, a near-perfectly accurate weapon with high shield damage. The majority of their fighters use them, although their scouts use the Particle Accelerator Cannon. One of the most sought-after Xenon craft is the LX, the M3+ of the fleet with large shields, good speed and powerful weaponry. Xenon fighters may become inert, and are commonly the main source of income for players in the early game, since many can be acquired at an early point in the main plot. Xenon battleships, the 'flying microchips' are large and rectangular, with good weapon choices and all-round capabilities. They can be boarded, though it is considered extremely difficult.

Many players bemoan their fate against the Xenon frigate, the Q, which is often the culprit for destroyed remote freighters. In reality, it is weak to average in its class, with a low-end weapon generator and huge blindspots above and below its hull, making it an easy kill for fighter pilots. Despite this, it is the fastest frigate bar none, and can instantly destroy freighters, making it a huge annoyance to peaceful traders. Due to a quirk in the game's combat calculations when the player is OOS, or 'Out of Sector', Qs can kill any ship with less than 10Gj of shielding in one turn, making it very difficult to defend sectors against it, even with destroyer-class ships. It is important to note that most M7s have a similar power, but the Q is the most likely enemy of the player, as the Xenon cannot be befriended, and the Q is a very common ship in Xenon raiding parties.

Government and politics[edit]

It is not known if the Xenon have developed to the point of intelligence where politics is involved in their decision making, but it is said that several large craft share the coordination duties for fleets of smaller ships. The only thing known is that the Xenon split themselves into so called "branches". The best known branch, and the one that is encountered the most by the player, is BRANCH 9.

Foreign relations and military[edit]

The Xenon have had no known contact with anyone, though it is rumored that they have made contact with the Split. As of X3, Terrans have a strong suspicion that the Argon have made contact with the Xenon. Though, from the Argon perspective, this does not appear to be the case. It is implied that the Argon have an interest in researching the potentials of Xenon AIs, believing technology based on them could perform a variety of automated functions. Some sectors, with destroyed or destitute-looking planets, have descriptions detailing Xenon super weapon experiments. It appears that the Xenon may have an interest in developing devastatingly powerful weapons (with the likely goal of eradicating organic life), further fueling concern from other races.


The Xenon (or back then, known as the Terraformers) used to be controlled by the Terrans, before they failed and attempted to destroy all known life. They were separated from Earth and plagued the systems beyond, which would over several hundred years become the Commonwealth.


The Xenon do not follow any cultures or religions, nor is it known if they have any understanding of them at all.

Geography and Climate[edit]

It is not known whether the Xenon use many planets for any useful purpose. However, there are some reports of planets which house factories and resource gathering operations, though due to the Xenon tendency to homicide it is not known what the conditions are on these planets, nor whether these reports are accurate.

Science and Technology[edit]


Xenon ships are very aggressive. Their only directive is "If it moves shoot it down". They are fast, heavily armed and well protected. Most Xenon ships are well-balanced, and since the Xenon have no qualms about mounting other races' technologies, they are highly compatible with most weapons types. Xenon ships are unique in that they're often capable of mounting Terran as well as Commonwealth weaponry. Xenon fighters have preferences for Particle Accelerator Cannons and Pulsed Beam Emitters. Intermediate Xenon craft commonly use Ion Shard Railguns for improved range and damage. Finally, Xenon capital ships commonly make use of Photon Pulse Cannons for capital-to-capital ship combat. The Xenon LX and PX are uncommon sights, but exceptional craft overall. The Q is a very deadly adversary due to its amazing speed and deadly firepower for an M7 ship, capable of quickly intercepting and destroying most ships.


  • Xenon Station (Sells nothing)
  • Xenon Shipyard (Sells ships but cannot be accessed)
  • Both stations hold commonwealth hangars, Although this is very odd, (especially since they are considered evil robots that destroy everything.) it means that it is also accessible, when spawned with scripts.


Core Worlds[edit]

  1. Xenon Core Sector 023

Border Worlds[edit]

  1. Xenon Sector 534
  2. Xenon Sector 596
  3. Xenon Sector 597
  4. Xenon Sector 101
  5. Xenon Sector 347
  6. Xenon Sector 472
  7. Xenon Sector 695
  8. Xenon Sector 598
  9. Xenon Sector 627
  10. Xenon Sector


Being a robot race, the Xenon do not eat.

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