Aldrin 2

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Sector Information
Race Terran
Security Level Border
Population 54,215,855
Planets 2
Sun Strength 300%
Sector Size 60 km
East6,000 m-3,000 m-10,000 m
South-11,000 m-38,000 m-21,000 m
West-24,000 m-16,000 m-5,000 m
Universe Map


This sector was once a quiet area, in which the only feature was the deactivated jumpgate drifting lifelessly in orbit around the planet Armstrong. With the growing Terran interest in the jumpgate, this area of space quickly transformed into a thriving hub where technology and knowledge are traded between the two peoples.

Default Stations[edit]

USC Orbital Supply Base
Aldrin Energy Production Base XL alpha
Aldrin Mixed Food Production Base M alpha
Aldrin Experimental EMPC Forge M alpha



South gate appears to be inactive. East-west gates lead to Terran Unknown Sector 1 and Aldrin respectively.

Aldrin Navigation
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