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Species Type Aquatic
Homeworld Nishala, Eo System, Kingdom's End Sector
Systems 28
Government Constitutional Monarchy
10    Knight of the Kingdom
9King's Protectorate
8Kings Knight
7Queen's Protectorate
6Queens Knight
5Queen's Guard
4Noble Peer
3Trusted Courtier
2Accepted Friend
1Friend (Boron)
-2Confirmed Adversary
-3Enemy of Menelaus
-4Queen's Nemesis
-5Enemy of the Kingdom


The Boron are famous for their wisdom, wealth and the sophistication of their space ships throughout the X Universe. Boron ships have a shimmering green tint to them. They are equipped with powerful engines and are among the fastest and most manoueverable ships in the universe. They are also armed with very sophisticated weapons and defensive shields and, with the exception of the Argon, are among the best spacecraft you can buy.

Because of their peaceful nature the Boron are friends to all races in the X Universe despite their membership in the Foundation Guild and their strong alliance with the Argon. They currently hold trading agreements with both the Teladi and Paranid, however, they are still wary of the Split and relationships between the two races are strained.

The Boron have not directly contacted the Xenon, however, because of their relationship with the Argon, they are very much aware of them and of the threat they represent. Despite being called the Kingdom of Boron, they are actually ruled by an elected government. They do however have a royal family who act as figureheads of the Kingdom State.

The current head of this Royal family is the 50-year-old Queen Atreus. Her husband, King Rolk, was killed in a space cruiser when it crash-landed on a nearby space station, leaving their daughter, Princess Menelaus, as the heir apparent.

Government and politics[edit]

Foreign relations and military[edit]

The Boron generally get along well with most races, except for the Split, whom they constantly skirmish with. This is probably due to their conflicting ideologies; while Boron are friendly and peace-loving, Split are warlike and value martial prowess. Boron ships tend to be fast, though also tend to have low-end characteristics such as poor firepower and mediocre protection. Their ships are however able to mount Boron-designed ion weaponry, which are useful for taking down shields and slowing down targets. Their closest allies are the Argon, and this is evident in that Argon ships can usually mount Boron-designed weapons.



Boron tend to be very polite and peace-loving. They prefer to have a highly stable, regulated economy. Trading rates in Boron sectors is reflective of their communal nature, as prices tend to fluctuate less, leading to poorer profit opportunities but also lower risk of loss. The Boron have great respect for their Queen, and this is evident by their dialogue and names of some of their sectors.

Geography and Climate[edit]

It is implied that the Boron prefer a humid and salt marsh-like climate, as evidenced by the descriptions for their trade stations. They are aquatic in nature and consume aquatic organisms as food.

Science and Technology[edit]


In the past, the Boron have cooperated very closely with the Argon design engineers even though their aggressive nature was never fully understood by the Boron. The constant threat of assault from the over aggressive Split has pushed more recent Boron ship designs to move away from their peaceful nature. Advanced Ion weaponry and unique propulsion systems have led to a drastic reduction in raids by Split pilots. When compared to Argon ships, the new Boron ships are just as fast and with equivalent armament but with weaker shields and even poorer weapon generators.

Boron ships have the distinction of having good speed and unusual appearance, looking curvy, greenish, and organic. Boron ships are named after aquatic creatures, reflecting their aquatic origins. The drawback of these ships is that, due to their organic construction, they cannot be repainted from the Headquarters for cosmetic tastes, therefore restricting them to the default green color.

Albion Prelude Ships



Boron Shipyards are known as Royal Boron Shipyards and are known to exist in the following sectors:


Core Worlds[edit]

  1. Lucky Planets
  2. Rolk's Legacy
  3. Kingdom End
  4. Rolk's Drift
  5. Queen's Space
  6. Menelaus' Fountier
  7. Reservoir of Tranquillity
  8. Great Reef
  9. Depths Of Silence
  10. Queen's Retribution
  11. Queen's Harbour

Border Worlds[edit]

  1. Rolk's Fate
  2. Atreus' Clouds
  3. Shore of Infinity
  4. Light Water
  5. Great Trench
  6. Dark Waters
  7. Shining Currents
  8. Barren Shores
  9. Mists of Elysium
  10. Shore of Infinity
  11. Hollow Infinity
  12. Faded Dreams
  13. Menelaus' Oasis
  14. Hila's Joy
  15. Ocean of Fantasy
  16. Bluish Snout
  17. Menelaus' Paradise



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