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Capital ships are huge beasts, several kilometers in length, bristling with guns, dominating combat, and are the epitome of destruction. Appropriate to the wild fireworks heralding their arrival in combat, capital ships cost a substantial investments of time and credits.

TL class freighters on the other hand represent the largest cargo bays available in the X universe and are the only means of transporting and deploying new space stations.

Capital ships when encountered Out-of-Sector carry sufficient firepower to destroy almost all vessels in one turn. As a result un-monitored battles with capital ships will typically devolve to attrition of expendable decoys. Maintaining a patrol squadron in the face of hostile capital ships can be time-consuming and expensive.

When encountered In-Sector, a hostile capital ship can generate sufficient fire to make approach difficult. If their concentrated firepower is permitted to hit, lesser target vessels will invariably be destroyed or crippled. Fighting between capital ships is typically a slow exchange of fire which will steadily destroy the other ship.

Capital Ships can only be captured by boarding them with marines (this is also true of corvettes, although the latter are not considered Capital Ships).

Ship Class Typical length (m)
Capital Ship classes M1 Carrier 1550 - 4500
M2 Destroyer
M2+ Super Heavy Destroyer
1400 - 4700
M7 Frigate
M7M Missile Frigate
M7C Carrier Frigate
800 - 2800
TL Large Transport 1550 - 3600

Ship size ranges are listed for typical specimen. Special objects or some for the player unattainable AI ships can be smaller.


Capital Ships require their own class of docking clamps and hence the range of stations they can dock at is limited.
Freight exchange with other stations must be conducted through intermediaries.

A list of docking stations and limits is available Here.


When navigating through jumpgates, these ships will use the centre of the gate.