Heretic's End

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Sector Information
Race Terran
Security Level Border
Population 19,352,424
Planets 2
Sun Strength 150%
Sector Size 60 km
North-750 m0 m29,550 mAsteroid Belt
South0 m0 m-25,725 mCircle Of Labour
Universe Map



Heretic's End is a recently discovered Sector. Originally colonised by the Paranid, it was one of the most lonely backwater Sectors known to the Commonwealth, and the only use anyone could think for it was as a training ground for fighter pilots.

This changed, however, when the Paranid conspired with the Sohnen to build a new jumpgate link. Once completed, it was moved to Heretic's End and activated. The other end of the new gate link ended up in the Solar System, and Terran ships quickly came flooding through. The Paranid, finding the Terrans extremely hostile, abandoned the sector immediately.

The new Terran sector was off-limits to any ship of any origin for many months, until negotiations between the Terrans and the Argon allowed passage through to Terran space. Argon and Terran stations were set up for trading and diplomatic purposes and the Solar System jumpgate was towed to the Asteroid Belt, from where it would be more difficult to launch an assault against Earth from the Commonwealth. Now, this Sector exists as the most important, and potentially the most volatile, border between any two factions in the X-Universe.

Scanner Entry[edit]

Originally discovered and claimed by the Paranid, Heretic's End was used primarily as a remote training area. Since the activation of the gate to Earth in this sector and the massive battle that ensued between the Kha'ak and a combined Terran and Commonwealth force, Terran forces have annexed this sector with little argument from the Paranid. The sector has become a buffer zone between Terran and non-Terran space, patrolled by a large contingent of Terran ships.

Default Stations[edit]

  • Orbital Defense Station


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