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Racial Navboxes are ordered as follows. All items are presented in alphabetical order within their various categories - this includes ship types etc.

This template will also include any pages it is on in the appropriate racial category.

It is designed as a quick reference for information on different races, but could also be used for organizations like OTAS etc with a bit of tweaking.

Please see Template:Racial Navbox for the master template that this was copied from.


When making a new Racial Navbox, please just copy the text from this page (Or subsittute it - see Wikipedia on Substitution) to your intended navigational page - e.g. Template:Argon Navbox.

Sectors and Shipyards[edit]

Sector names should be listed in alphabetical order, and separated by a single bar ("|"). Note: Two bars will break the table. Please be careful not to use two bars.


Ships should be listed in the order given. If no ship of a given type exists for a race, leave it as "None". If multiple ships of a type exist, list them in alphabetical order, each separated by a single comma.


  • "TL" comes before "TM", so TL is the first transport listed.
  • TP: Express, Phantom


Please list all racial shipyards here, super or not. Do not worry about listing the same sector twice, as removing a sector from the Core or Border sectors would leave them incomplete.

Racial Wares[edit]

List these in alphabetical order. If in doubt whether something fits into the correct racial category, check if its production is exclusive to a race, or its use is exclusive to a race. If one but not the other is true, Production trumps Consumption.

Example: Majaglit is used by Argon, Paranid, Split and Teladi stations (Satellite Factory), but is only produced by a Paranid Station. This makes it a Paranid ware.

Important Notes[edit]

When using this page to create a new racial navbox, please take care to replace both the racial link and the category link at the bottom of the page.

Terran Navigation
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Border Sectors

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Capital Ships M1: Tokyo | M2: Osaka | M2+: Kyoto | M7: Yokohama | M7C: Maccana | M7M: None
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Escort Ships M6: Katana | M6+: None | M8: Claymore
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